Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Green Tomato II

The Green Tomato II in Somerville

First it was Carberry's, then O Naturals, both seemed to do well. I was a regular at Carberry's Bakery as they featured goods baked in the European style and a coffeehouse atmosphere quieter than Diesel or the old Someday, except for the screaming brats.

Green Tomato II entrance

The goal seems to be hearty and simple fare with an emphasis on daily specials priced for value. Dinner can easily be had for under a tenner and it's family friendly. Staff is efficient and polite, if not jovial and it's kind of nice not to have just another "hipster" or trendy place, heavy on concept. The tides are turning my friends. Overnight we are being forced to deal with what I am calling the "New Austerity" and I predict it's going to be the wave of the future, or at least the next few years, where it's chic to be cheap. Finally, I'll fit in!

Interior Green Tomato II

The diners here seem to all be regulars and the feel, though somewhat of a converted garage, works fine with me. Clean, good platters of hearty food and friendly faces. All at the right price. Is this the new face of the American brasserie?

Interior Green Tomato II

The scallops were perfectly breaded and fried, not at all greasy and surprisingly flavorful, indicating a good source of fresh seafood. The sides were also great - fresh, simple and ample. Overall a really great meal and a fantastic value for dining out without the frills in this new economy.

Fried scallops and rice dinner at Green Tomato II

The Green Tomato II
187-93 Elm Street
Somerville, MA 02145
Hours: Monday-Sunday 7AM-8PM

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