Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Get Yer Spook On

The Seven Deadly Glasses by Hamilton Design

No, I will not be providing a recipe for Witch's Brew. I will, however, be asking you to get your spook on in anticipation of All Hallows Eve.

I will be fixing my thick cotton French cuffs with the silver coffin links, adjusting my cravat and slipping on the smoking jacket to serve up a tray of trendy delights this year for a few friends in true luxe/retro/gothic style.


And what better way to present the blood red Australian Shiraz I have selected than in these decadent wine glasses from Hamilton Design, representing the Seven Deadly Sins? My personal fave is the "Greed," complete with tentacles designed to grab all the extra wine that a wine glass can grab for one's own pleasurably boozy slurping. To hell with refinement.


I just love the design of this set, chosen to enhance the devilish side of our alcohol consumption. After a midnight photo shoot at a local graveyard we'll be pouring the wine with reckless abandon then grabbing a torch to lead the group into the night for the next soiree. And if the price of this equipment doesn't drive a stake into our wallets we'll be licking our vampiric lips until the first vestiges of sunlight.


For more information on the glasses click this link: Hamilton Design

And for those of you who have not quite mastered the Windsor Knot for your formal dressing, here is a demonstration:

Enjoy the darkness of the night!!

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