Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Remembering Julia

The famous TV Chef Julia Child.

Many of us watched her as a kid. She is the United State's legendary, premier foodie. She lived just a short distance from our childhood home. Who is she? Julia Child of course.

Julia Child's former home in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Many people were first turned on to food and food preparation by watching the doyenne of TV Cooking on Public Television. Well, memories of that famous personality came back again this week when it was announced that the home she lived and cooked in for over 40 years is now up for sale. And it could be yours for a cool $4.35 million. Of course the kitchen has been remodeled now and a bit more modernized.

Before and after of Julia's kitchen.

Although quite nice, we still prefer the original, which, as a true piece of Americana, was removed piece by piece, shipped to Washington, D.C. and fully reassembled at the Smithsonian Institution. The familiar pegboard with the hanging pots and pans almost feels like going back home when you see it again. You can take a much closer look and explore every nook and cranny at this link:

In The Kitchen With Julia

This is really an awsome web site. It not only looks good but is fun, interesting and narrated by the famous "French Chef" herself.

Oh, if only we had a spare $5 million kicking about. Bon Appetite Julia!!!!

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