Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Random Photos and notes

I received an email recently saying that the blog might be better if it were a bit more personal. Although I really don't consider TBF an online journal I am open to criticism and am always trying to improve things. Well, you asked for them......

I usually am up at 5:00 AM every day. I do morning stretches, have the vitamin cocktail, then swim. When I am done I jump back in bed and write for an hour or so then go to work.

My pre-swim cocktail. Just a vitamin drink and water.

Nana checking her email, with some help. The house in Maine is a rendevous spot for the entire family.

My weekly fresh-cut veggies ready for cooking. I grill a plate of vegetables every week and keep them on hand for garnish.

I also do abstract paintings based on travels. I did this one after my trip to Iceland. They have great waterfalls.

So that's a little slice of my life. Thanks for asking.

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