Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Power of Cheese

Arancini from Modern Pastry as served by The Boston Foodie.

While picking up some pastry recently at Modern Pastry I just could not pass up on having them throw in an arancini, as well. For those of you not familiar with this goodie, it's basically a breaded, fried rice ball. Absolutely delicious when made well and these were. At the very heart of the arancini is a wad of thick, chewy provolone cheese.

Like most people here, my cheese palate is becoming increasingly sophisticated. There are so many varieties and brands of cheese you really could spend as much time learning about them and tasting them as some do with wine. In America, the cheese tray has become a widely offered post dinner experience. It's been that way in Europe for years.

The crowd gathers atop Cooper's Hill in Gloucester, England to watch the annual cheese rolling event.

If you think you love cheese, however, check out these folks in Gloucester, UK, where every May on Cooper's Hill people gather from all over the world to watch the annual cheese rolling competition. There are five races held, one just for the ladies. Participants gather at the top of this very steep hill with a 7-8 pound wheel of double Gloucester cheese. As the Master of Ceremonies calls out the command they release the cheese wheels, allowing them to roll down the incline and then, on the second command, they hurl themselves down the hill after it! It can get bloody.

The view from the bottom of Cooper's Hill.

The winner gets to keep the cheese. These people must REALLY love the double Gloucester cheese!

The view from atop Cooper's Hill in Gloucester, U.K.

For more information you can read all about it at this link: Cheese Rolling.

And the winner is................ Stay tuned. This years event takes place on Monday May 26, 2008 (a Bank Holiday in the U.K.) at 12:00 noon sharp.

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