Thursday, February 7, 2008

Another Week, Another Soiree

We would have loved to dine with Charlize Theron or Paris Hilton, both of whom were in town this week, but our social calendar was full. The amazing news was that I was contacted this week to participate in a London based podcast on food and travel. I can't reveal the details yet but as soon as it's available for download there will be a full update. Beleive me! Not that I am trying to outrun the paparazzi or anything but even a taste of media attention really does make it all the more fun.

The Foodie being interviewed for a London based food and travel podcast. Like the T shirt?

So, onto the calendar. First we stopped in briefly, on advice of Fox-TV, for their promo party for "Terminator - The Sarah Connor Chronicles". We like the show (and wanted to snag a T shirt) so we dashed in just to sign the guestbook and be seen. One needs to stay on invite lists, you know.

The main bar at Vinalia.

Next up was a business celebration and private party at Vinalia in Boston. If you haven't been to this venue you really should stop by. It brought back to life some hope for the Downtown Crossing area that we had all but written off after our horrific experience at Ivy. This place is really cool. The tidbits of food were great, every morsel delicious, but the wine was truly outstanding. It was such a whirlwind night we didn't even note the vintner for the two glasses of blush, white zinfadel to be exact, that we enjoyed. I am sure, however, that you can sample the same at their weekly wine tastings. Really, this is an after work place not to be missed.

The dining area at Vinalia.

After that it was another private surprise birthday bash for a friend whose age we won't give away: Happy 29th Kim. Again!

Vinalia Restaurant, Lounge & Wine Bar
Downtown Crossing
101 Arch Street
Entrance: 34 Summer Street
Boston, MA 02110
(617) 737-1777

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