Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Year's Revolutions 2008

If you can't be a foodie celebrity in 2008 why not cook with one?

No it's not a misspelling. We are are joining the celebrity revolution. A few years back we were lucky enough to participate in the Celebrity Chef Series at the Fairmont Copley in Boston, sponsored by the Copley and the Boston Center for Adult Education. Held on weekends, it is a great opportunity to spend the afternoon with a celebrity chef preparing a meal. Then, the entire class sits and enjoys being served the dish, usually paired with wines by an expert from a local winery.

Of course, at the time such luminaries as Todd English, Mary Ann Esposito and Jasper White attended. Well, Jasper has moved on to open a chain of eateries and English is now an international food star. You can still catch Mary Ann, the host of Ciao Italia, however. Maybe she will even show you how to prepare the exotic timbale that we made! Yes, you've guessed it, our plans and goals for 2008 include attending at least one cooking class.

Locally, there are an incredible number of opportunities to find classes that will fit virtually every budget and time constraint. Weekend and evening classes abound in everything from wine appreciation to candy making. Here are just three venues and links for you to explore. The Celebrity Series will run you about $300.00 for the entire course but you can sign up for individual classes at $60.00 each. They are held every Saturday.

Boston Center for Adult Education
5 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02116
617 267 4430

Cambridge Center for Adult Education
42 Brattle Street
Harvard Square
Cambridge, MA

The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts
2020 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02140
(617) 354-2020


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