Friday, October 19, 2007

What's new?

While all of the mainstream media is focusing on Gaslight, the new brasserie in the South End, and Clink, the new eatery at the Liberty Hotel, we've decided to introduce two alternative spots that are getting great reviews all over town.

The first is T.W. Food, where owner and chef Tim Weichmann is causing a buzz in Cambridge with his innovative menus. Weichmann apprenticed at some of the most famous fine dining establishments in Paris, France . Think Taillevent and George V, just to name two! His scrupulous attention to lavish detail is winning raves. We can't wait to try the place!

T. W. Food
377 Walden Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

Next up is a new place featuring Mediterranean/Albanian cuisine also winning raves and located in the Back Bay.

545 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02116
Click on the link (highlighted) to view the menu. Sounds fantastic!

The same people who brought us Diesel Cafe in Davis Square, one of the Foodie's favorite haunts, have now opened Bloc 11 in Union Square. It's another very cool place to hang out and get coffee. What else would you expect? The new twist here is that the space occupies the site of a former bank. So, now you can actually sit in the vault as you enjoy that mocha latte!

Bloc 11
11 Bow Street
Union Square
Somerville, MA

Lastly, one of the fun parts about fine dining, to me, is design. So, when I see great design in anything it grabs my interest. Check out these juice bottles! Made by Wild Bunch and Company and not yet available in the USA (not anywhere we can find anyway) we just can't wait to set out our dining table with these totally organic babies.

Stay tuned for the reviews and more foodie news................

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