Thursday, July 19, 2007

Temple Bar

It's funny. Just a short while ago we visited Grafton Street Pub and Grill and were sadly disappointed then this week we visited Temple Bar, owned by the same people, and were truly delighted.

Maybe it was the absolutely perfect weather and the alfresco dining possibilities but this was our second visit and we enjoyed it even more than the first. The large windows that open to the street are a definite plus here with about 10 tables for outside dining, as mentioned. It all made for a breezy, relaxed, casual atmosphere where lots of couples and friends seemed to be meeting up after a long day at the office for a cool drink and a quick bite.

Of course, the bar is the big draw here. Large, long and fully stocked, all along one side of the restaurant, every seat was filled with diners enjoying themselves with a cocktail, dinner and whatever is on the two large plasma screen TVs at either end. It was a casually elegant setting, not boisterous or overpowering to the other diners, a perfect balance.

The decor, too, is a funky and eclectic mix with unique hanging lanterns and unusual art. It's just dark enough to be a romantic spot and just bright enough to be a posh neighborhood club. The wooden tables and comfortable leather banquettes add to the somewhat rustic vibe in this gentrified section of Cambridge.

The food was simple but good. I opted for the Angus burger and fries, which came with perfectly crisped french fried shoestring potatoes. The flat bread pizza, served on a wooden slab, was also very good. The service was great and the crowd jovial. They bill the place as a true American bistro and I couldn't agree more. We are sure to be back!

Temple Bar
1688 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138
Phone: 617.547.5055
Fax: 617.547.8650


  1. You had me fooled there for a minute. Grafton Street and Temple Bar are famous city-centre locations in Dublin. Grafton Street is Dublin's main shopping high street and Temple Bar its trendy shopping and dining area. Presumably there are a lot of Irish in Cambridge MA.

  2. The third place owned by this group, the Red Line, is unfortunately not named after a Dublin landmark, Trig. I was amazed when I went to Ireland how many Boston-area police and fire department badges were hanging in some of the pubs.

    I've been to Temple Bar only for drinks and apps, but I've enjoyed it quite a bit. The pizza is indeed tasty. However (like I've told you), I prefer Grafton Street... to each his own, right?