Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Antidote For Boredom

The barbecue and beer, food and fireworks are almost over and you're wondering what's next. Grab your Smythson's jotter, boys and girls, and make a few notes if you're in a rut and need to shake things up.

First, download some Bjork, Sigur Ros and Mum and fill up that Ipod. Pull out all your designer things and pack them up in your Gucci bag, where we are headed is a famous rendezvous spot for all the euro fashionistas and you'll need the proper equipment. Next, get to the nearest airport and catch a flight to Reykjavik, Iceland. After all, what could be more invigorating at this, or any, time of year?

After a quick four hour hop from the East Coast you'll arrive at Keflavik Airport. Head directly to the Blue Lagoon Spa, the proximity of which makes it your ideal first stop. Shower and change into your Versace togs and slip quietly into the powder blue waters as the warmth soothes those knotted, aching muscles and the blue algae drenches your skin to a silky finish. Don't forget to apply a thick layer of the silica mud mask provided in large pots surrounding the perimeter of the water to cleanse and tighten your facial pores! You can even opt for an in-water massage if it suits your needs. Finish with a dip into the icy plunge pool to really shock the system into vitality. And we DO mean shock.

Depart Blue Lagoon and head directly to your posh but not overly ostentatious downtown hotel. We recommend the art deco, recently restored Hotel Borg or the 101 Hotel, each boasting a prestigious location. After a brief rest break out those designer duds and walk on over to Vegamot for lunch, where the beautiful people are beginning their pre-weekend party launch with a quick bite where they can see and be seen. DO dress to impress as you WILL get the once over by the roaming paparazzi.

After air-kissing adieu to your new international model friends head down a few blocks to Cafe Paris for celebrity spotting and the best coffee in this land of fire and ice. Sit by the windows and sip your cafe au lait. After all, it's Friday and you can watch all the gorgeously groomed locals stock up at the liquor mart around the corner on their way home. These are hearty party people and those club drinks are outrageously expensive so it's best to start in long before you get there. In just a few short hours these hard-working Icelanders by week will turn into marathon clubbers for the weekend.

If it's your first visit head to Perlan for dinner and the amazing view of the city and mountains and the gourmet food. Bill Clinton dined here. If not head to Apotek for the amazing view inside! "Do all Icelanders have blonde hair, blue eyes and perfect skin?" you'll ask.

You may want your post dinner pit stop to include a quick tooth polish and brow tweak. Once you hit the clubs (Icelanders don't head out until about 11:00 pm or so) you won't be stopping until about 6:00 am after an exhilarating night of dancing and drinking with abandon. NASA seems to be the hottest hot spot, or Kaffibarinn, partly owned by rocker Damon Albarn or Pravda. Join the patrons who slip outside at about 2:00 am for a breath and a hot dog at the Baejarins Beztu Pylsur stand. It's a regular pit stop for the all-nighters.

In the morning slather on all that miracle moisturizing cream you stocked up on at Blue Lagoon. Break out your second, still crisp, designer look for the journey home. The jet set never spends more than one night!

And if you just can't tear yourself away from local commitments enjoy the fare of Executive Chef Hakon Orvarsson at the Rustic Kitchen in Boston from July 5-8 and at Stephanie's on Newbury Street for brunch on July 8. The Kendall Square Cinema features Icelandic film "SALT" on July 5. On July 6 The Middle East features Benni Hemm Hemm in concert. It's almost like being there!

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