Saturday, June 30, 2007


As the saga of the Britainization of America continues (we've already got Boots the chemist products at Target - but of course not the Trevor Sorbie line which is MY fave) Boston has opened the very first Wagamama restaurant in the nation. In fact the second is already slated for Harvard Square in August. And we thought it took too long just to be able to get some Malteser's over here!

This ubiquitous UK chain of noodle shops is incredibly popular and all we can say is: what took you so long? We tried dining there for lunch a few weeks back but the line was so very long we ran out of time. So, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather this weekend and make the pilgrimage.

If you like any kind of Asian food at all, including noodles or rice, then you just can't go wrong here. The chain is known for their high quality noodle dishes served quickly by a young, international staff brandishing their mini computers that wirelessly zap the order direct to the kitchen. Needless to say the service is not only quick and efficient but also cheerful and fun. It seems that you just can't get bad service here and they are particularly happy to chat about the menu and dishes with those who have never had the Wagamama dining experience.

The tables here are all communal, meaning that you will sit next to or very near other diners and, quite often, people who are visiting the City, which is what happened in our case. We opted for the plates of yaki soba, an incredibly flavorful noodle dish with egg, chicken and shrimp-a mosaic of textures, tastes and colors.

Of course there are plenty of rice and noodle dishes, vegetarian fare, salads and side dishes. You can wash this all down with freshly squeezed juices such as their : "fruit juice" a delicious blend of apple, orange and passion fruit that cuts right through the savory flavors of the food with it's refreshing sweetness.

Don't miss the side dishes such as the duck gyoza, five deep fried duck and leek dumplings served with a cherry hoi-sin sauce. Heaven! They even have desserts here which I don't remember seeing on any of the London menus but we really didn't have room for it anyway.

It's all great quality, affordable and quick and efficient service in a fun atmosphere. What more could a foodie ask for? Oh yes..... they DO have takeout.

Wagamama Faneuil Hall
Quincy Market Building
Boston, MA 02109

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