Monday, June 11, 2007

Coffee Shops Part II

Next up on our coffee tour is the Danish Pastry House, which is more of a cafe and bakery. What I like about this place are the authentic pastries and breads and the distinctive feeling that you've traveled far away to get here. It's a bit pricy but worth it if you like the atmosphere of a real european cafe. It tends to attract many of the euro students from Tufts University just for that reason I am sure. Besides, it's practically on the campus. The German cookies are just like you would get in Germany. The baguettes are every bit as good as you would find in Paris. Many of the pastries have a lot of marzipan, which must be big in Denmark and is not, frankly, one of my favorite things but it's all the genuine stuff. They also serve crepes and have a good assortment of cheeses along with candy and confecyions from europe like the ever popular Ritter chocolate bars. Most Americans have never even had an authentic Danish pastry. Once you do you will never be satisfied with a stale slab of dough with raspberry jam thrown on top!

The Danish Pastry House
330 Boston Avenue
Medford, MA 02155

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