Friday, June 25, 2021

La Forge Casino: Classic Newport


Nestled into the Tennis Hall Of Fame is La Forge Casino, known to Newport insiders as THE place to go for great food, great service and all at a great value. It's not haute cuisine.  It's just a great, relaxing dine out.

We snagged a courtside table for a late lunch after heavy shopping and lots of walking all over this fabulous enclave, staying across from Hammersmith, spoiled with big breakfasts and long wine dinners.

Dean went with the Reuben Sandwich and Fries.  Grilled to perfection, I tried a bit.  

I went with the Classic Burger, of course, served with a side of Caesar Salad, drenched in Pecorino Romano and very fresh.

We were there in the late afternoon, as said, but the private club feel was there.  Tips:  call ahead for reservations because it gets packed, be ready to wait unless you know an insider or are a member, the bar is great.

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