Tuesday, October 27, 2015


We were recently invited to the latest addition to the upscale fast food landscape: WuBurger.  This one is in the suburbs and  Co-Owner Kal Gullapalli explained to us that the name comes from their location in Woburn, known to locals as "The Wu".  The retro diner look is cool but not overly Disneyesque and after a quick walk-through we settled into a comfy red leather corner booth.

I opted for the standard WuBurger and added Applewood Smoked Bacon and Crispy Onions.  My dining companion added the Fried Egg.  Milky Way Frappes were the drinks.

The result:  a really great burger.  Without picking apart the details too much, why don't more burger places use a plum tomato?  We liked it more than the growing chains of more urban, upscale burger joints we've tried and, yeah, we've pretty much tried them all.

WuBurger plans to open up a new location in Inman Square by the end of the year in the old East By Northeast space, giving a whole new clientele of hipsters, bohemians and Cantabrigians a taste.  

Our only advice is that if they plan to expand into places more populated by the culturally diverse they may want to rethink that name.  WuWu.  Just saying.

880 Main Street
Woburn, MA  01801
Telephone:  781.281.0277
Twitter: @WuBurger
Instagram:  @WuBurgerMain

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