Saturday, October 24, 2015

Mohegan Sun Brewfest 2015

Some people call it "BroFest" and with good reason but it's one of our favorite events.  Admittedly, it can, at moments, seem like a huge frat party but it's a classy frat party where no one gets out of hand and everyone seems to have fun.

Yes, we were invited as guests of Mohegan Sun and, yes, it's one of the perks of being a food writer (just to settle that pesky disclosure issue that only bloggers seems to face) but nobody cannot call it a cool event and extremely popular.  It was Mohegan Sun Brewfest 2015. What's not to like? Hundreds of beers to sample, a fun crowd and a safe place where everyone is encouraged to drink up.

Lots of the bigger, more established brands were there but, as always, we found some stuff we liked. Duvel (yeah, yeah it's not local) was there with a Triple Hop, Shebeen Brewing with an Irish Pale Ale and Outer Light Brewing with a Libation Propaganda Coffee Stout.  Ever hear of those?  Can you say that last one three times fast?  Didn't think so.   All good.

There was also Jenga because, you know, guys are competitive and we all like to think that our strategy is better than yours.  This guy's was actually not bad.  Why is it always that the construction workers and engineering majors seem to win at this?

The DC Project Band provided the live music.  We're not music critics (or restaurant critics for that matter) but we liked it and so did the crowd.  Some well-lubricated guys even danced.

They even had candles from Crafty Drinker and, yes, we really liked that Not Your Father's Root Beer scented candle because it would be a perfect gift to bring to a frat house party.  You should give gifts, right?

The best sign award went to Newcastle not only because we stole their standee last year (okay they gave it to us) but also because it was neon.  Real neon.

The bottom line:  all blog posts do not need to be serious.  You should go next year.  Because it's fun. And there are already enough people out there taking things too seriously.

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