Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Women and Food

Lidia Bastianich and Judith Jones.

I have spent lots of nights dining and talking about food with beautiful women. I love to hear the stories, sit, listen and enjoy. So, for me, this was a very special treat, a night of wisdom and laughter and food.

Restaurateur, Chef, Author and PBS-TV icon Lidia Bastianich.

My typical Saturdays are spent on competitive swimming, then cooking and, of course, the TV is on with food shows as I do it. For years I have watched Lidia and now she is here, standing in front of me, chatting on about the beauty of Liguria, the memories of family dinners, the joy of gathering at the table, the efficiency of emailing and writing at 3 AM! When I ask about her Boston dining favorites she is quick to mention Jody Adams of Rialto.

Vice President and Senior Editor at Knopf, Judith Jones.

Judith Jones is the grand dame of food publishing, who fought to bring Julia Child to the world. At 85 she is so young and lively that it was amazing. I loved her telling about making the potatoes at Julia's home after they worked all day and setting the table with candles and a napkin to dine at home. Interestingly enough she is now working on a book to demystify Indian cuisine!

Two entertaining and fascinating women empowered by food and the people who love it. Great night.

The event was sponsored by Harvard Book Store, an independent book store.

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