Monday, November 9, 2009

Boston Rising Star Chefs, II

Pastry Chef Jiho Kim of L'Espalier

As we mentioned in our initial post on this event last week there is simply not enough time or space to write about all of the entrants. It was very difficult, given the level of talent, to choose a best from these tastings. However, I must say that I was absolutely blown away by our final selection.

Pastry Chef Jiho Kim is a native of Seoul, Korea, where he received his Korean National Certification. He followed that intense study with additional certifications in chocolate, confectionery, cake, patisserie and show pieces. From the five star Renaissance Hotel in Seoul his technical and artistic talent brought him to Boston's L'Espalier, considered by many Bostonians to be the City's consummate dining experience.

Here, amidst the formality and fine linens, white gloves deliver his playful, creative desserts to the tables of surprised and delighted diners. Chocolate Milk Tart with Oreo Cookie and Milk Sorbet has been just one of these whimsical creations. It's the kind of childhood fun that would send one running for the edible Crayola Crayons ... if only there were such a thing. His dessert tonight, in my opinion, stole the show. It was elegant in detail, perfectly balanced in flavor and texture, restrained in its simple style and presentation and a literal work of art on the plate. It looked like a perfect palette of sublime colors and shapes and it tasted like heaven, delicately sweet as it rolled over the tongue. This young Chef is not just a rising star but a shining star with a brilliant future indeed. Congratulations.

Bubbles of sweet delight. Chef Kim's dessert: Greek Yogurt Panna Cotta with Cranberry Gelée and Yogurt Sorbet.

Here are some other photos from the event. As usual, you can click on any photo to enlarge.

Sustainability Award Winner: Chef Richard Garcia

You may remember Chef Garcia of Tastings Wine Bar And Bistro from a post a few weeks back when he attended the Fair Trade Event, along with our next Chef. Chef Garcia prepared a delicate, delicious tasting of White Vanilla Gazpacho.

Chef Will Gilson

Chef Will Gilson of Garden At The Cellar prepared an inventive and savory dish: Seared Foie Gras and Doughnuts with Rhubarb.

Kunefe with Champagne-Cardamom Syrup

Restaurant Concept Award Winner Chef Maura Kilpatrick of Sofra prepared this unusual and very tasty pastry using Middle-Eastern ingredients. We visited Sofra on our blog a few months back.

Assistants at Chef Jodi Bernhard's station.

Chef Jodi Berhard of Longwood Events, Host Chef, prepared a very hearty dish: Slow Roasted Leg of Lamb with Lamb-Fennel Sausage, White Bean Capelletti and Brussels Sprouts.

Again, all of the recipes for these dishes are available. Should you wish to read further about any of these Chefs or other Chefs in the Boston area, and for lots of food industry news, go to

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