Sunday, July 25, 2021

Prospero. Caliban. Ariel.

(l) John Douglas Thompson as Prospero and John Lam as Ariel.

It's my favorite Shakespeare play, The Bard's last work, mystical, whimsical and magical, a word I rarely use.  The Commonwealth Shakespeare Company's new production of THE TEMPEST currently playing under the stars on Boston Common is a sheer summer delight you do not want to miss.

Like in the play itself, nature conspired and conjured up a respite of perfect weather for this classic tale on the night we attended.  How could one go wrong?  A stunning night in Boston, a quiet crowd munching on beautiful picnic spreads and all in anticipation of escaping this past year with friends and art-lovers of all ages and backgrounds.  And if that wasn't enough how about our friend John Lam, cast in his first dramatic role (he's principal dancer of The Boston Ballet) sprinkling that magic dust all over the stage?

Siobhan Juanita Brown as Gonzala.

We so loved this production that as we departed the Common we asked ourselves:  How lucky are we to be here?  Take your children.  All young people should be exposed to live theater even if they don't quite understand the synopsis.  It's not an overly lengthy play at about ninety minutes.  They'll love the costumes and the staging and the music.  Take the grandparents and the rest of your family and all your friends and all their friends, too.  We have already vowed that we will be back again with a new crew to experience it through their eyes.  There is nothing like it in Boston right now and we are sorely in need of it.  

We recommend that you do reserve space in advance as it is limited and the crowds can be large.  We sat in "the wings" but there really is not a bad spot for viewing.  (I walked around and checked).  A blanket and sumptuous picnics are allowed (no tables or large chairs) and we do suggest renting a beach chair in advance at a nominal fee of $10.00.  The production is free.  Bravo!

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