Saturday, December 26, 2020

A Very Unconventional Christmas


It was a very unconventional Christmas 2020, to say the least.  Bound by the constraints of the pandemic protocol there were no family gatherings with exchanging little gifts and most of all no big family feast with lots of desserts and laughter that lasted for hours.  What can one do except roll along with the punches that are 2020?  

Since there was no need to cook and do my traditional weekend of baking the annual treats for everyone with, typically, all those trips to a crowded grocery store where let's just say not everyone is properly masked or keeping a safe distance I did something different.  I picked up dinner at the local Chinese food place.

I braved the pouring rain.  It was an unnatural sixty degrees out with howling winds, not exactly a New England Currier And Ives scene.    Yet, despite everything it was relaxing, I have to admit.  

And it was a time to look through the front door windows dripping with humidity (it was warmer than Florida) and onto 2021, when we are all hoping for much better things, much better times and a renewed realization that we should be grateful and never take for granted all the little things in life.  I am really looking forward to smelling those Springtime flowers!

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