Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Dining At Mast

Paccheri Alla Genovese at MAST' Boston

We recently enjoyed an al fresco dinner at a beautiful hidden gem in Boston, MAST' restaurant.  We've dined here before but this time sat outside on the patio in this glorious weather.  The place is tucked into a little corner of the city where, if I were to drop you there right now, you would swear that I had transported you to some unknown European haunt that I was keeping a secret.  It could be Italy, Belgium, maybe France but one would never guess Boston.

We actually started with the antipasto plate Cartoccio Napoletano. Included was Arancini, Fried Polenta, Potato Coquette and Zeppole.  Everything was great but my favorite was the Arancini, the rice balls typically filled with meat, a bit of cheese and peas.  This was as perfectly done as I've ever had it.

Next up was the Paccheri Alla Genovese, short ribs slowly braised in chianti wine and onion served with the wide ribbons of fresh paccheri pasta and marinara dusted with a finely grated cheese.  Even my dining companion, not a fan of pork, had to agree that this was heavenly.  

Of course, what many come here for is a refreshing glass of sangria and their famous Neapolitan Pizza.  The Chef and owner is, after all, from Naples.  So, you can rely upon that famous chewy and  crispy crust with the highest level of beautifully sourced ingredients.  Just like Italy. I love when not only is the food on par with that served to us on trips to Italy but the atmosphere, ambiance and service actually make you feel as though you are there.  We tried both the white and red sangria.  You can't go wrong either way.

 This has been a horrible time for restaurants as well as those of us who truly enjoy dining out.  It many cases, even at our favorite places, the experience has just not been the same.  Yet here it was even better.  It may have been the gorgeous weather or the continental level of service, the delight and surprise of the extraordinary food or the surroundings.  In any case, and it often is elusive as to what exactly makes an evening dining out perfect, we can easily promise that you would love it just as much.

45 Province Street
Boston, MA  
Telephone:  617.936.3800


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