Thursday, July 23, 2020

New Product Fun

It's summer during a pandemic.  The VIP events, restaurant openings and other very social things are on hold or collapsing before our eyes.  We are crossing off annual events on the calendar more than adding.  Yet, there are signs that the economy is coming back - in the form of a spate of new product samples to try.

So, over the next few weeks we'll be featuring new stuff that you might like, or not.  We are never giving up hope that the fancy soirees will someday return or that dining out will someday be what it once was (despite a decimated landscape).

First up are these Wellness Drops from Pure Inventions.  These antioxidant extract formulations come in a small bottle with a dropper system to add the flavors to the beverage of your choice.  In most cases at this time of year that would be ice cold water.  The flavors were good - and mixable.  You can make the flavor you like and for those who fancy they might have a mixologist streak it's fun to add a few drops to your cocktail concoctions.  

In other words, these are a sort of fun summer project and they taste good.  You can get thirty servings for about $20.00, making it cheaper and a LOT healthier than that can of soda or an iced tea mix loaded with sugar.  Yes, we liked it!


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