Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Create Your Vibe Event At Cambridgeside

Don't call it Cambridgeside Galleria any more.  They just dropped $30 million to redo the entire mall and rebrand it as Cambridgeside.  To help celebrate the light and airy new look we were invited to the Create Your Vibe event last week featuring food, fashion and fun something we've been preaching for years.

Chef Will Gilson of Puritan & Co. was there serving up a delicious polenta cake.

We were very glad to see Chef Brian Poe with his crew of Bukowski Tavern after he made national news surviving the harrowing experience of Hurricane Irma.  Caught in St. Maarten while on vacation the wind force literally crushed his hotel and obliterated the countryside.

I guess he's recovered enough to serve up this Wild Boar Meatball which was richer than beef and absolutely delicious.  We'd never had boar but it can regularly be found on the menu at his Beacon Hill restaurant Tip Tap Room


Café Art Science was also on hand to demonstrate how to whiff your booze, a very fun experiment.

Café Art Science Bar Director Tenzin Samdo demonstrates the vaporizer.

Oh, and there were models and a DJ on hand to fashion the latest styles and set the festive mood.  Honestly, the place looks brand new and we look forward to spending more time here during the busy holiday shopping season.



We were invited to attend this event as members of the media.

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