Friday, October 21, 2016

Kiehl's Skin Care

I get asked three questions whenever I go out.  What restaurant should we go to?  How do you stay so skinny?  And, always, what's your skin care secret?

My answers are:  Go to one you like.  Don't eat too much (and I'm not being flip about that one because a diet book IS in the works) and I use Kiehl's.  

I worked at Kiehl's on Newbury Street in Boston, part time just during the holiday season years ago and fell in love with the products.  It's quality, plant-based stuff.  Ever since I've been an avid fan.  

No matter where I am traveling I make a quiet time each morning and night to relax and take care of my skin.  To me it's therapy.  

Drink lots of water, exercise every day and take care of your skin. It's worth it.

Photos shot at Mirabeau Inn at Pine Hills.  Products courtesy of Kiehl's L'Oréal without remuneration or consideration for any editorial content.

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