Sunday, September 18, 2011

The World's Largest Cannoli

We arrived early enough yesterday to the New England Dessert Showcase 2011 to be the first bloggers to see them putting the final touches on what is the world's largest cannoli. The shell was created by Golden Cannoli Shells, one of the world's best known maker of cannoli shells. It was pretty impressive.

In order to replicate the tiny chocolate bits used in the typical cannoli, full-size Hersey's kisses were brought in. I also asked exactly how they filled the entire thing. The answer: holes were drilled along the top of the shell and the filling was piped in from there. This was like the Big Dig of pastry engineering!

The final masterpiece stretched out for 10 feet.

Of course, we did get the chance to sample some mini versions of the same thing, freshly filled. Seeing the giant version made everyone attending immediately want one.

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