Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spoonful of Ginger 2011 At The MFA

A Spoonful Of Ginger was the place to be on Monday night as patrons of the Joslin Diabetes Center gathered to support the Asian American Diabetes Initiative. Did you know that Asian Americans are fifty per cent more likely to develop diabetes? Set against the stunning backdrop of the MFA's new Art Of The Americas wing, it featured great food served by celebrity chefs and a really fun crowd of friendly people. It was also a chance to preview the work of famed glass artist Dale Chihuly, who will open a new exhibit on April 10. Chihuly Through The Looking Glass was literally still being unpacked during the event. We'll have a sneak peek tomorrow. Meanwhile, check out that soaring Chihuly sculpture, "Lime Green Icicle Tower", in the background for an idea of the incredible scale. Now onto the food!

The Lamb Tamalito (a mini Green Tamale of Braised Lamb) by José Duarte of Taranta was the talk of the event. Huge hit.

The Myers + Chang Team: our good friend Bob Botchie, Joanne and Lee. It was a big day for Chang, who not only was an award recipient at the event but also announced she will be writing a second Cookbook. Flour Power!

Myers + Chang prepared a Thai Ginger Chicken Salad.

Christian and I enjoying a glass of wine as we surveyed the massive space filled with food tables inside the new Art Of The Americas wing.

Aside from providing us with plenty of laughs, Ming Tsai of Blue Ginger prepared a Gingered Sweet Potato Soup with Mushroom Duxelle on a Sesame Cracker. It was clearly one of the hits of the night.

Peking Duck from Chinatown Cafe.

MEM Tea Imports was on hand for some refreshing tea that paired very well with many of the dishes.

Ginger Pineapple Pavlova with Basil Simple Syrup from Bravo at the MFA. This went very well with the Oolong MEM Tea from Gilbert Tsang.

Team Jasper White from Summer Shack.

Jasper White's triple treat: South African Pickled Mahi-Mahi, Scungilli Salad, Coconut Maine Shrimp Ceviche

Cedar Roasted Salmon, Sweet Pea and Heirloom Carrot Salad with Lemon Confit from Longwood Events.

Malabar Pepper Prawns With Spinach Basmati Rice.

Pavlova With Lemon Ginger Mousse and Blueberries. Fantastic combination from Flour Bakeries.

With the gang from Bishoff PR. Congrats to Sarah (in black), who is heading off to London next month for the Royal Wedding!

Another fantastic food night in Boston.

For more information visit: AADI

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