Friday, July 23, 2010

Rolling In Clover

What are your thoughts when the words "food truck" are mentioned? I can only imagine the words that bubble up to describe what is the worst food in the world. Inedible. The last resort to starvation.

Not true any longer. One of the very latest trends in food is mobile food. And the Clover Food Lab is on the forefront, the very crest of that wave.

Locally-sourced, organic whenever available and mostly vegetarian, this operation was sort of a secret for a while, hidden on a side street, a gift to the Technorati of MIT and Kendall Square.

Then things started to catch on. The food is absolutely great. It's fresh and, perhaps the greatest attribute favored by the students and locals: it's really reasonably priced.

Sure, it's fast food but it's great food, without doubt restaurant quality.

We stopped by last week when they were busy but not so busy to happily demonstrate the high-tech iphone ordering system they use.

Go ahead, Tweet your order in ahead of time. I have never really considered myself as part of the truly wired set so when I was asked by the Clover guy if I was a programmer I was seriously flattered. No, I said. I'm a food writer.

The chick pea fritter pocket. Delicious. No wonder there are lines. No doubt here that the Tech Mecca of Kendall Square and Cambridge is leading the Tech/Food movement. Just ask Ferran Adria, who'll be on El Bulli hiatus this Fall when he comes to Harvard to teach.

Clover Food Labs

There are currently two locations:

Clover MIT
20 Carleton St., Cambridge (Near Kendall T stop)
Weekdays 8am – 7pm (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Clover DWY
Summer St. & Atlantic Ave, Boston (Near South Station T stop)
Weekdays 8am – 7pm (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

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  1. This is pretty cool! It's only a short walk from me! I need to check it out. That fritter pocket looks delish.