Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Friendly Toast

They say that location is everything so when I heard that The Friendly Toast was opening a new outpost of its popular New Hampshire eaterie I was surprised they chose One Kendall Square. Having worked in the area I knew that it is overwhelmingly a business/industrial section of the City and virtually desolate on weekends. So, that's when we decided to go.

The clientele is generally young and hipsterish with a sprinkling of MIT students taking a break from quantum physics. And for a Saturday afternoon the dining room was a good two thirds full! So, it seems to be a destination dining spot. It is actually quite cool and total kitsch. From the formica tables and vinyl upholstery, the Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys book series wallpaper borders and all the other familiar mementos of childhood fun it made me wish I had my Garbage Pail Kids stickers back.

The Friendly Toast main dining area.

The food is strictly diner fare, breakfast all day, huge servings and most of it loaded with fat and grease but hearty and filling. Half the people we saw left with takeaway boxes for what they could not finish. The Eggs In A Hole we had (eggs dropped in the center of a thick slice of bread then griddled) was tasty and and hash browns were red bliss potatoes, a nice touch. The servers are friendly and attentive and almost all look like alternative fashion models. There is definitely a funky vibe.

The Friendly Toast bar area.

This is a fun place, the kind of ideal first date visit that will get you one notch up on the cool factor. I'd love to go back late night sometime as I am sure there's a real buzz of a crowd there enjoying drinks after a night of partying. They are open until 1 AM on Fridays and Saturdays. Where else could you go after midnight for Almond Joy pancakes?

The Friendly Toast Lounge area.

The Friendly Toast
One Kendall Square
Cambridge, MA 02139
Phone: [617] 621-1200

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  1. I guess if it's a retro place, you've got to expect retro food. I really like the style. I could put my leather jacket on and do a turn as The Fonz.

  2. It seems you think of you in the leather more than food these days. I'll have them play "YMCA" on the airport sound system when you get to Boston :)