Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sara Is Back

Sara Moulton, our all-time favorite TV Chef.

She has long been our favorite TV Chef. First because she doesn't seem to insist on the "star" treatment and second because she is incredibly skilled and knowledgeable. She is also probably the hardest working woman in the food business. A pioneer of The Food Network, at one point she actually hosted two, live one-hour cooking shows five nights a week! If that's not enough she has held down the position of Executive Chef at GOURMET Magazine for the past 23 years. Of course, it's Sara Moulton. Always bright and positive, with a motherly love of food and cooking she is now back in a new PBS Series: Sara's Weeknight Meals. It's perfect timing, too, as food goes back to basics with more people eating at home and ordering in less. The show focuses on easy to prepare family meals. Good Luck with the show Sara! We love it.

I'd like to point you all to the blog post by our good friend Trig over at Aidan Brooks: Trainee Chef. Apparently, he is just the latest victim to be stung by Chowhound. I personally gave up on the site a few months back when I had my own problem with them. Well, I guess I was not alone. The complaints and criticisms of the site are really increasing and, frankly, I can't be bothered any more.

Chef Ken Oringer of Clio.

In other news, BOSTON Magazine carries a piece in the February issue of Ferran Adria's dinner at Ken Oringer's Clio Restaurant. He was served a 31 course tasting menu. Apparently one of the big hits was when, and I quote, "Oringer whipped aged Parmesan into a frothy soup, embellished with shaved white truffle, blood sausage and candy maple crumbles." Sounds incredible. That and 3 other courses served to the world famous chef will be featured on the menu through the Spring.

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  1. Life's too short for Chowhound. As you say in the States, "I'm outa there".