Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Blogger's Life

The blogger's desk.

Although I do maintain a small workspace at home most of my blogging is actually done on the fly. I usually write and edit the posts early in the morning and later on at night but that's just a small part of blogging. This weekend I was invited, along with a group of other local food bloggers, to the Starbucks location on Boylston Street for a tasting of some of their new Tazo Tea products paired with fresh pastries. I'll have more on the details later but as soon as the tasting was complete and the goodie bags distributed we all sat back to chat about, what else, blogging. It was great to be with a group of other passionate foodies and bloggers.

The very portable Asus mini laptop.

We discussed how and when we blog. In my case, my portable laptop is so portable that it's about the size and weight of a hardcover book. With that, my camera, a small notebook and a wifi connection I can virtually blog from anywhere. We talked about the fun of blogging and different tools and techniques we use, how it's sometimes awkward to pull out your camera to photograph a plate at a restaurant and how we talk to others about our blogs and promote them. The longer you write a blog, it seems, the more invites you begin to receive for such events. It's pretty simple: bloggers are opinion leaders. A blog takes time, research and devotion.

Product samples from Quaker Oats.

The other thing you get when you are a food blogger is schwag, freebies, samples, whatever you want to call it. Did I mention the gift bags? Just this week I received a package of Quaker Oats products that are actually quite good.

The taster's table at Starbucks.

We also all mentioned how much work blogging is. That's why many blogs fall by the wayside. If you hang in there, though, you get to meet a lot of really cool and interesting people and enjoy other little perks that make it even more fun.


  1. Hey!! thanks for finding me, I wanted to ask where you blogged :) I'm still exploring the city so I'm off to check out your reviews...

  2. I got those Quaker Oats samples too, and I was really impressed with them, especially the chocolate raspberry one. Usually I get bored with granola bars after a box or so, but I'm excited to go out and stock up on these :)